Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"Annual Raising of Kings and Queens Day" South Bronx

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If you've ever wanted to experience one of the greatest times to be had in the South Bronx, then you need to check out the "Annual Raising of Kings and Queens Day" in the South Bronx. The day is filled with more celebrities than you can imagine. In the past couple of videos that I have posted you have seen the likes of Grandmaster Melle Mel, Black Miss, DJ Lightnin' Lance, Grandmaster Ant of the legendary group: "The Cold Crush Brothers". All of these clips came from this amazing day. Also on board were the Sugar Hill Gang, ODB's mother, Papa Wu of the Wu Tang Clan and many others. Sit back and check out MC Happy take the mic. He's a legendary pioneer from back in the day. This video is just a mash of a bunch of different scenes rolled over MC Happy to capture some of the flavor of the day.

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